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Beltane, the full flower of spring is here. May you each and every one rebirth with the earth.

Our podcast opens with the song Fruit (2007) from the album of the same name by Kate Fletcher, which you may find at http://www.katefletcher.co.uk

Next Dillon Carlyon reads The Instructions of King Cormac, from the translation by Kuno Meyer. You may read this text yourself at: http://www.briargrove.us/the_instructions_of_king_cormac.htm

Tim Rayborn brings us Worldes Blis from the album Honey From the Thorn (2009). Find this at http://www.timrayborn.com

Dillion reads next The Visionary by William Butler Yeats from The Celtic Twilight, which you may read at http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/yeats/twi/twi01.htm

At the last we have the tune My Love Gave Me An Apple from the Sulis album Sitting on the Windowsill of Heaven (2009). Hear more from this artist at http://www.magnatune.com/artists/sulis

We hope you enjoy our Beltane podcast and may you and yours be blessed in this season.

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