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Fall Equinox

You sowed in kindness, now harvest joy. May you have a full and rich harvest.

With this podcast Dillion Carlyon and I are announcing a change in our schedule. Due to our many projects we are not able to maintain a schedule of eight podcasts a year and are cutting back to four a year. We will be posting new podcasts at the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Tira Brandon-Evans begin this podcast with 'The Earth Breath'  from The Candle of Vision, by A.E., 1918 http://www.sacred-texts.coms/neu/celt/cov/cov04.htm

Next we hear Kate Fletcher and Corwen performing the medieval folksong the Soul Cake. You may find more music from Kate and Corwen at http://www.ancientmusic.co.uk/kate_fletcher.html

Dillion Carlyon reads 'The Voyage of Bran', in English translation by Kuno Meyer, first published in 1895. http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/celt/vob

And finally Kate Fletcher sings Invocation / Strömming Boats from her album Fruit (2007) http://www.ancientmusic.co.uk/kate_fletcher.html

Thank you for your continued support of our podcasts and may you always be well, be strong, be free.

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