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Spring 2011

Welcome to our Spring podcast. Once again Dillon Carlyon reads a tale from Scotland for us. He begins with the song Willow from the 2008 album Quieting from Lydia McCauley. Find Brimstone Music at: www.lydiamccauley.com.

Dillon reads the tale of the Sea-Maiden found in Popular Tales of the West Highlands Orally Collected with a Translation by the late J.F. Campbell, (New Edition Volume I, Alexander Gardner of Paisley and London, 1890,) IV The Sea-Maiden was told to Campbell by John Mackenzie, a fisherman, near Inverary. You can find this story at:  http://www.sacred-texts.com

Next we hear from Shira Kammen's album Music of Waters. The tune is Dark Tower [2002]. To hear more from Shira Kammen go to: http://magnatune.com/artists/albums/shira-waters

Dillon then completes the Sea-Maiden tale and closes with the harp of Diana Rowan. The tune is Warp & Weft from The Bright Knowledge [2008]. You may find Diana Rowan at: http://www.dianarowan.com.

Thank you for listening to our podcast. I hope you enjoyed it and may this season bring you one hundred thousand blessings.

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